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Researcher Programs

Educating and guiding the future Muslim researchers in all fields (science, social, arts and other fields of interests) to develop their sense of exploration and discovery by always holding the values of Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah.

Islamic Preaching Programs

Educating, mentoring and encouraging the students to be future Da’I and or ulama to share their Islamic knowledge which is in line with the future demands and challenges.

Professional Expertise Programs

Exposing and guiding the future Muslim professionals with distinguish skills which will help them develop their professionalism in their chosen field by sticking to Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah values.

Leadership Programs

Building up the leaders’ characters in students as a mean to prepare them to be ready for facing and winning their future challenges according to the values of Islam.

Entrepreneurship programs

Introducing the youths to the business opportunities and exposing them to develop the entrepreneurship skill which will contribute to a stronger ummah’s financial state based on the principles of Islam.

International Programs See the World

Regularly watching world’s updated news from reliable news programmes to broaden students’ global perspective

Annual Seminar

An annual seminar on various themes by inviting speakers from professional and reputable organisations or institutions from both Indonesia and other countries

Guest Lecturing

Inviting lecturer or teachers from reputable abroad universities or school to introduce their education system, culture, work ethic, and other interesting topics to the students

Summer School

Updating the information and helping them with the pre-departure program, such as administrative documents, language and cultural understanding

Company Visits

Enriching students’ knowledge on types of job they can choose in the future by visiting well-known domestic and or international companies, such as Google, Facebook, national and multinational companies as well as big private companies.

Student Exchange

Facilitating and providing helps for the students to join the student exchange programs abroad