Gistrav Islamia Academy – Jogja estate accommodates the day to day teaching, learning, memorizing, and administrative activities of the International Islamic School. It includes some of the modern and representatives finest buildings in the city as well as showcasing much newer. State-of-the-future architecture. The land and buildings owned by the twins building for boys and girls. Each Buildings has 12 Representative classes, full literate Library, Computer Laboratory, Research Development Center, Biology Laboratory, Physic Laboratory, Chemical Laboratory, Entrepreneur Incubatory, Auditorium Meeting Center, and Musholla. InsyaAlloh, for three years later the land and building will be larger to make sure the parent that their son and daughter will get the best Academic Learning and Field Activity.


To ensure the comfort of all students inside and outside the classroom, Gistrav Islamia Academy provides modern and representative buildings for both school and boarding. The school and boarding buildings are in forms of twin buildings which will separate boys and girls. The buildings are well furnished so that the students can live and study comfortably.

Teaching and Learning Amenities

In supporting the students to get full exposure and experience while studying, the school will be provided with the latest technology support such as smart TV and i-Pads, library, laboratories such as language, biology, physics, chemical and computer laboratories, Research and Development Centre, Entrepreneur incubatory and auditorium.

Learning Environment

GIA will ensure an active trilingual environment in which all school and boarding members are encouraged to speak in English, Arabic and Indonesian with more focus on English and Arabic. Moreover, the overall culture of this school will be based on the values of Leader in Me framework, so that the students’ character can develop in various times and contexts, not only inside the classroom but also in their daily interactions.

Developmental Programmes

Besides ensuring the students to perform well academically, we also believe that their skills should be improved. Therefore, GIA facilitates the students with various extracurricular activities on their interest as well as other international programmes which will enable them to have broader perspectives and develop their awareness as part of the global society.